We have the unfortunate task of letting you know the terrible news: Goldies Pizza has folded, and along with it, our comedy shows.

We just wanted to thank all of our loyal customers for supporting our comedy room, and the stand-up comedy community here in Vancouver. We're not going to sit here and brag about all the money we put in comedians' pockets or all the stage time we gave new comedians, because really, that was because of YOU our amazing audiences. Without your continued support we wouldn't be doing these comedy nights. You were the real heroes for the last decade. THANK YOU.

To all the comics who graciously took our stage over the years: thank you for making us your second home. I know that this is a huge blow to the community, but we aren't going to give up on finding a new space for our whacky little family. We are committed to a revival at some point later this year.

Please stay tuned because when we do find a new home, you will love it just as much as you loved Goldies. In fact, you aren't even going to miss the old joint it's going to be so good! If you have any leads for new spots. please email us: comedybasementatgoldies@gmail.com.

Onwards and Upwards, Amigos!



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